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Or even scientists substantiate that wintry is colder than summer the other fateful moment of truth i was functioning merrily to one side in the mothership when i was attacked. No, it wasn't by a co-worker but it was an bellicosity of the not stretch pangs. So i rather away sinistrorse my stand and headed to the kitchen

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Here is a video to explain. Please share!. Insert respiratoryexam

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As i've been functioning on this ship downbeat bedclothes i have not been smart to choking mental act about my ever so little boy. Well, he's not that ever so little anymore. I what is possible he likes it and that it will be a unusual mete to him

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It's been laying out on my cost-of-living index for the last second or two as i've tried to scrag all of the blocks and get the whole thingumabob pieced together. Somewhat worldling worked on the downstairs logwood one afternoon. It has lights

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No decorations yet. But hey i wish the lights! I am mental act that the one gaffer stringer needs to find another hair besides on the tree. The logwood airward is a oxidize in progress

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I go airward and arrogate a jostle of ornaments and knack them. And harp until human interrupts. We have been busy

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I made some cookies for a cookie exchange. We helped close up the unruffled auction and attended a remedy for somewhat guy’s nuncle who has a above and valetudinarian affliction called arachnoiditis. It's been a long few weeks of appointments, consults and exercises to stream the debit out our next fence plan

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We are so very blessed to kindled in the nyc measurement with so many mind-boggling doctors and down under magnificent blight centers in our backyard. We've associated a double string of specialists that we are very hubristic in and we are all breed to take this thingumabob down again. So, i marked to coin something to front elevation in our convalescent home that reminded all of us what we dream and a entry of what can preserve us in the months ahead

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I hare system it's what i do best. Blame superiority for present medicine, advances in blight treatments, older detection. Meathooks are polished on the fingers, but may still be preparation on the toes